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Do not base your security on assumptions, but on facts! By auditing your businesses IT security we identify critical threats and give solid advice on solutions.

Identify Digital Threats. Restore Security.

Cyber security is a continuous process that begins with the correct assessment of one's own vulnerabilities. As independent experts, we can look at your systems from an attacker's perspective to identify threats and offer sound recommendations for remediation.

IT Security from A to Z

In recent years, the number of digital threats has grown, driven by enormous financial incentives for the perpetrators. Nowadays, digital assets are highly valuable, whether it is sensitive customer or financial data, intellectual property or company infrastructure.

According to Allianz Group, cyber incidents represent the second largest corporate risks in 2018, ahead of natural disasters, fire and war. In contrast to such uncertainties, you can protect yourself against security incidents.

Unfortunately, awareness of digital security is still low in many companies to their own detriment. With a detailed analysis by experts and external training of security-critical employees, vulnerabilities can be found and fixed and your systems, employees and company processes can be protected against attacks.

Facts and Figures

In a representative survey by Germany's trade association Bitkom e.V. in 2017, 67 % of all participating companies stated that they were affected by at least one IT security incident.
€ 43.4B
In a study by Germany's digital association Bitkom e.V., the 343 participating companies estimated the damage caused by IT security incidents in 2016 and 2017 at a total of € 43.4 billion.
In 2019, cyber incidents have been rated the largest corporate risk by global insurer AGCS SE in their yearly risk barometer. Cyber incidents have been constantly ranking up, still taking the fifth position in 2015.

Our Services

Security Audit

A security audit provides information about potential vulnerabilities in your digital infrastructure, your deployed systems and your software or hardware products.

By providing our experts with details about the inner workings such as source code and documenation the target can be more efficiently asessed. Our detailed report provides you with solid advice on mitigation strategies. In an optional retest we verify if all issues have been fixed.

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Penetration Test

In a penetration test, our experts asess the security of your IT infrastructure without any inside information. This way, we can assume the attackers point of view and simulate a real attack on your digital assets without putting your data at risk.

Every penetration test is concluded with a detailed report of our findings as well as recommendations on proper fixes and mitigations.

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Business Security Audit

The most overlooked risk factor are issues in business processes. During a business security audit, our experts check the internal structures and organizational processes of your company for possible weaknesses.

Optionally, we also test the actual exploitability of our findings by performing social engineering attacks. The project focuses on the promotion of security awareness amongst employees to be resilent against fraud and identity theft. A detailed report will be provided, along with a catalog of measures to improve your processes.

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Software Architecture Consulting

Even in the early stages of software design, basic decisions have to be made. Flaws introduced in this stage have a huge impact on the security of your final product, which may cause high subsequent costs. Using our experience in IT security and software development, we can help you avoid costly mistakes and thus contribute to the development of a secure, maintainable and performant system.

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Reverse Engineering

Sometimes the source code of third-party product is not available to you, may it be a commercial product or a vendor refusing to cooperate.

Using reverse engineering techniques, we are able to find vulnerabilities in binary product, re-engineer protocols of legacy systems in order to restore compatibility or analyze malware to identify the perpetrator after an attack.

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We offer customized IT security training for you and your team.

With our trainings in security awareness we sensitize your employees – wether it is the receptionist or the CEO – regarding certain security issues to prevent fraud and digital threats. In our developer training courses, we train your technical staff in secure programming and in finding and correcting security breaches. We also design custom-made training for your individual application.

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