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Data Controller

The controlling body responsible for data collection and data processing on and by this web site is:

exablue GmbH
Empelder Stra├če 1A
30952 Ronnenberg

Applicability of the GDPR

The only personal data processed by this website is the IPv4 or IPv6 address of the requesting user. IP addresses have been declared personal data by the German Federal Court of Justice (Judged May 16th, file VI ZR 135/13). The IP address is held in our servers' random access memory, as long as the client is connected to our server. It is held for the sole purpose of returning the request, as the server needs to know where to send the requested data. The IP address is not saved to a filing system according to art. 2. paragraph 1 GDPR, intened to form a filing system or even organized in any way. We do not retain any server log files, we do not set any cookies. Accordingly, the requirements of the GDPR are not applicable here.