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exablue ensures the security of IT systems in companies of all sizes and in all sectors. Reliability, many years of experience and professional expertise are among our core competencies. By means of a full source code audit or other measures, we identify the vulnerabilities of your web or desktop application, mobile apps, hardware or software and electronics and give advice with respect on appropriate solutions. At the end of each project you will receive a detailed test report with recommended measures. We will gladly carry out a review of the deviations corrected by you.

Security Audit

The security audit, also known as white box test, is the most common method among the measures for reviewing your software and your code. Vulnerabilities can be detected quickly and efficiently through detailed source code knowledge. We make sure that you get a fully detailed report so that allows you to take appropriate countermeasures and quickly be secure again.

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Penetration Test

The penetration test simulates a targeted hacker attack from the outside. Our experts collect information about your system and expose your weaknesses in a detailed safety report. Protect your most sensitive business data and your company's reputation before simulation becomes a reality.

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Business Security & Fraud Prevention

In order to faciliate effecitve fraud prevention, we analyze your business model focussing on safety-relevant processes. In this way you protect your business effectively from exploiting vulnerabilities in your business processes. By training and supporting your employees you ensure to make your business future-proof.

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Be Safe from the Beginning through Targeted Training

The demand for technologies and solutions for improving IT security in companies is increasing. One of the main reasons is that companies place greater emphasis on cyber risks. After all, breakdowns or failure of IT is one of the biggest business risks and is responsible for countless business interruptions. The resulting damages run into the billions. One of the most effective ways to protect yourself against attacks of this kind is to raise awareness for IT security among your employees.

Let's face it: Anyone who has ever experienced how quickly a password is broken or how remarkably convincing fraudulent emails can look will pay much more attention to such issues.

We also assist your IT department in creating new software to consider security-related programming issues. We believe that only those who are aware of the safety-critical pitfalls from the outset can effectively protect themselves against cyberattacks.

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Reverse Engineering

It can happen that you cannot get the source code of a software anymore or a third party refuses to issue you the data. In this case, we use reverse engineering to check your software - from web applications to electronic devices - for possible security vulnerabilities or design weaknesses.

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Software Architecture

A secure software architecture that is perfectly thought through right from the beginning minimizes risks and builds trust. Our experts plan a custom-made architecture design that combines efficiency and security according to your requirements. Your benefits: You reduce maintenance costs and protect yourself from bad surprises regarding cybersecurity attacks.

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