Reverse Engineering

Analysing Software without Source Code.

Knowledge Gained by Backward Analysis

This method refers to the knowledge gained from a finished product (hardware or software) by logical backward analysis. Thus, our experts can gain technical details about the product, for example, to assess safety, analyze malware, or replicate legacy systems.

Do You Trust Your Software Manufacturer? Reverse Engineering of Third-Party Products

If you use security-critical hardware or software from third-party companies in your company, you must inevitably trust the statements of the manufacturer. If there is concern about past security incidents, this trust often fades.

Reverse engineering can be used to analyze code paths in such third-party products, from embedded hardware to desktop applications. In this way, security mechanisms, weaknesses and inner functioning can be disclosed and assessed. In this way, it can be evaluated whether security mechanisms have been used and commitments have been complied with.

We analyze all common architectures, whether x86 or ARM, micro controller or server farm, malware or accounting application.

Re-Engineering of Legacy Systems & Protocol Analysis

If important business processes depend on a product whose support the manufacturer of proprietary software has already discontinued, you have a problem. That is because legacy systems are often to be adapted to newer systems without having documentation. Our experts are in a position to analyze and replicate legacy interfaces and protocols as well as reproduce lost knowledge and documentation.

Malware Analysis & Computer Forensics

After an attack on your infrastructure took place, in addition to restoring your systems, it is often important to gain knowledge of the perpetrator. An important part is the malware analysis. We analyze such malware left behind by the perpetrator to allow conclusions about functionality and perpetrator identity.

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