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Sensitization Is the Best Protection

Hardly a day goes by without the media discovering a hacker attack. The threats are growing, along with the question which technologies and solutions can be used to improve and protect the company's IT security. After all, disruptions or downtimes cause billions of damages annually in Germany alone.

With our custom-made trainings we offer you the necessary resources to recognize threats and to ward off them.

We train your receptionists as well as your management in the sensitive handling of telephone conversations, customer data and contract negotiations - individually and according to your needs and requirements. A safety training of your internal IT specialists, data protection or security officers as multipliers for security-conscious handling of software or hardware as well as customer data is also part of our offer. For us, the key priority is the awareness and deepening of knowledge of your employees in all safety-relevant areas. For human beings are still one of the weakest links in the safety chain.

Security Awareness

In addition to incomplete IT systems, a major security risk is also untrained employees: For criminals repeatedly try to gain access to internal and confidential company information through psychological manipulation of employees. This method is called social engineering. The criminals come into contact with their victims and surprise them after they have informed themselves about them and their (working) environment with a mixture of online and offline research..

In this training, we impart the following skills, among others:

  • ✓ Secure handling of e-mails
  • ✓ Safe handling of passwords
  • ✓ Threat of malware
  • ✓ Threat of social engineering
  • ✓ Threat of account phishing
  • ✓ Industry-specific fraud scams

Of course, we also like to design our lectures in a practical way and involve your employees through company-specific case studies.

To prepare for security awareness training, we offer an on-site appointment and a vulnerability assessment to tailor the training to your organization.

Secure Development

Secure Development training helps your IT department to consider security-related programming issues while creating new software. An internal code review ensures that your software is state-of-the-art right from the start and protected from external attacks.

Even with existing software, we help your developers in the context of a soure code analysis to detect and eliminate vulnerabilities.

The participants acquire knowledge in the following areas:

  • ✓ Common vulnerabilities in web applications (OWASP Top 10)
  • ✓ Application server security
  • ✓ Transport security
  • ✓ Input validation & security in layers
  • ✓ Examples in the programming language you are using

We gladly include practical examples from your professional reality in our training and review what you have learned in a test environment.

Individual Trainings for Your Company

We are happy to put together an individual presentation portfolio that is tailored to your needs. This can include multi-hour input lectures up to multi-day training events. Take advantage of the security measures taken in your company, which will save you time and high follow-up costs.

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